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Reykjavik and SouthWest Iceland

Reykjavik and SouthWest Iceland.  Cappuccinos, cappuccinos, cappuccinos… that is all I can think about after a couple of days in Reykjavik.  First the water there is absolutely amazing, the freshest I have ever encountered and second the air is so pure it will remind you of what an earth without pollution feels like.  Hence, the coffee in Iceland is really really good.  I attributed it to the quality of water but locals may have other secret tricks!  Your skin and your hair will also feel so much better after a couple of days in Iceland, you will not believe it.  I would recommend a couple of days in Reykjavik before or after excursions to get to enjoy the city, the amazing fish restaurants (look up Travelocity for a list).  The lobster in Iceland is excellent, smaller than you may be accustomed to and also called “langoustines”.  For the hotel, it is better to get one in the city center (we stayed at CenterHotel Thingholt) which was perfectly located, so you can walk to the coffee places, restaurants, go and up down on the main street and enjoy the eclectic stores.   Go up to the top of the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja Church for a view of the city and the colored rooftops.  We did a couple of day excursions from the city, such as the famous Golden Circle tour, which takes you to the Geyser and beautiful falls, and the South Shore Adventure tour, which also stops by a couple of beautiful falls, black sand beaches and the little town Vik, the most southern and rainiest town of Iceland (although when we went it was amazingly sunny!).  You should also make sure you spend half a day at the Blue Lagoon, the geothermal hot springs will invigorate your body and soul — small tip get the VIP entry (book in advance) to enjoy a quiet spa experience and avoid the crowds, a bit pricey but completely worth it!

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