Food lovers

I will occasionally post some recipes I like and I have tried… Enjoy!!!

1.  The Boeuf Bourguignon.

The Boeuf Bourguignon recipe should be transmitted from generations to generations.  So I trust that you will transmit your own boeuf bourguignon recipe to the next generation … yes because boeuf bourguignon is not a scientific science, it has to be experimented, improved, shared…and since it is made from wine, I have no doubt that you will enjoy trying out and improving the recipe!

So here is my recipe of the boeuf bourguignon:

Put some olive oil in a pot.  Add one sliced big onion and some lard, salt and pepper.  Let it stir for a few minutes.  Add boeuf stew meat and some pepper (not too much salt because the lard makes it salty).  Stir everything for a few minutes.  Add ½ of a bottle of red wine and mix everything.  Add thyme, rosemary and parsley (or cilantro). Let everything stir for about 10 minutes.  Add some carrots and stir for 10 minutes.  Add some mushrooms and ¼ of the bottle of wine.  Let everything cook for at least one hour, stirring occasionally.  Make sure you don’t cover the pot as the wine has to evaporate.  Add the rest of the bottle at the end and let cook for another 10-15 minutes.  The total cooking time goes from 1:30 to 2 hours depending on the amount of boeuf bourguignon you are making.  You may need additional wine so have a second bottle available just in case.  You will know when it is cooked because it will taste really good and the meat will be really tender.  And if you have some wine left, well you know what to do with it !!!

Et Voila! Bon Appetit!

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