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Zanzibar City, beautiful sadness

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Zanzibar City, Tanzania.   The heart of Zanzibar City called the Stone Town is a World Heritage Site.   You can feel the influence of the different colonial powers who controlled it, including the Portuguese, the Arabs and the British.  Stone Town is an interesting place but there is also a deep sadness about it.  Is it the remoteness of the place, the lack of a flourishing economy, the reminiscence of a troubled colonial past or having been the center of a slave trade…? Pay a visit to the monument to the slaves and the minuscule caves where dozens of slaves could be kept for days before being sold.  We stayed in the caves for a few minutes and started suffocating.  A reminder of how cruel human beings can be to each others.  Also pay attention to the doors, some are truly beautiful and also a reflection of the various cultural influences of the city.  The most colorful part of the city are the markets, where you can buy local spices (including amazing Zanzibar curry) for a bargain.   It is definitely worth a visit but may not be what you expect.

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