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Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan.  This is probably a place where you would go for work, and if so, I would highly recommend you take a day or two off to explore this interesting city.  You can walk in the city center easily and the city has a lot to offer.  First off, you should go to the Old City and enjoy the beautiful buildings and history.  From the tower in the Old City, you will have a nice view of the city and it will put it in perspective for you.  You can also explore some of the museums, including the new carpet museum, which is worth a visit.  If you like shopping, Baku should make you pretty happy, at every price range (really).  Inequalities in the city are pretty striking though, as well as the strong smell of oil by the Caspian sea.  Other than that you should have a good time walking around and just simply exploring the main areas.  The food is also quite good, if you like meat especially… although I would not necessarily recommend the camel meat!        

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IMG_0722 IMG_0719 IMG_0713

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