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Bermuda Turtles and Mark Twain

MarktwainbackgroundMark Twain about Bermuda:  You may want to go to heaven but I would rather go there…

Indeed Mark Twain loved the island and spent a lot of time in Bermuda.  The Hamilton Princess Hotel in Hamilton even has a Mark Twain suite, where Mark Twain allegedly used to stay.

When you fly to Bermuda one thing comes to mind:  all the stories you have heard about the Bermuda triangle, ships and aircrafts lost at sea… This is a fascinating place but most locals would laugh at you if you dare to mention the Bermuda triangle myth … although the bookstores have plenty of books about it.  It is apparently a very magnetic area… well this is one of the explanations… you will have to go and check it out for yourselves to hear more about the stories…Atlantis anyone?

Bermuda is amazingly rich in many ways.   The architecture is interesting and you clearly feel like you have not landed on a poor island when you step out of the airport.  The international financial activity is certainly helping more than tourism in that sense.   This is not a really cheap place and food prices easily compare to New York City.  Locals are really nice and friendly and you can walk out in the evening in Hamilton pretty safely.  For the little story, apparently Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones live in Bermuda most of the year with their children.  Since Bermuda was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, the landscape offers many shapes and beautiful little islands.

My “coup de coeur” goes to the turtles.  You can spot them very easily on a boat tour but they have to be protected … especially from the jet skis.  Jet skis lovers out there please check out if the area you are in has turtles and make sure to go slowly when passing by turtles areas.

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