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The Bahamas, Northern Eleuthera

Northern Eleuthera is the land of Lenny Kravitz, but it is above all a place for those in need of serenity, calm and natural beauty.  The island is a thin stretch of land with only one main road — so you can’t get lost.  Remember that you have to drive on the wrong side of the road though!  You should bring a lot of cash, as ATMs are a rarity… Taxis, hotels and restaurants are not cheap but overall we thought the quality was good.  We were fortunate to stay at the beautiful Cove Eleuthera resort, which by itself is enough to justify a visit if you like a tranquil and secluded place.  Of course, if you are a fish lover, you should try the grouper, the lobster and the precious stone crabs.  Go snorkeling to meet Dory in person and maybe an old and friendly barracuda.  The Levy Native Plants Preserve by Governor’s Harbour is also worth a visit to learn more about the plants on the island.  The beautiful mangrove and its red soil will amaze you… and can you guess why the soil is red?  The answer is because of the Sahara sand which flew all the way! Nearby the preserve, you should stop at Tippy’s for lunch, a small restaurant right on the beach.  And a visit is not complete without a day at Harbour Island, which you can reach by a 5-minute boat ride from Northern Eleuthera.  Make sure you ask your hotel to book a golf cart in advance, they run out fast and you definitely will enjoy the island better with the golf cart.  The Pink Sand beach is beautiful and — surprisingly — the sand is actually pink!  Oh and — a final word of wisdom — don’t arrive too early at the “international” airport, there is not much to do there and boarding the small planes takes a few minutes.  Can’t wait to come back…




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