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Travel Channel Academy Buffalo Story

The Scene: South Africa, three hours north of Cape Town, a safari lodge.  I remember the big disclaimer sign entering the property: “we assume no liability for whatever happens to you here” type-thing.   We woke up the second morning in our warm bungalow, no AC at our disposal, with still the feeling of sand on our skins despite the sunny and hot shower outside our bungalow. The day before we had been quad biking among the animals in dusting sand and it seemed like we could not get rid of it.  As we stepped outside the bungalow a light unfamiliar wind reminded us that we were in unknown territory, the almost perfect silence and peacefulness of the place too.   That was until we started walking outside our bungalow and suddenly became face to face with three water buffalos eating grass.  I will never forget their black threatening eyes fixing us.

What were they thinking?  One move and you are our next target?  I remember pausing and sweating for a second, which might have seemed an eternity back then. The day before a ranger had told us that buffalos were the most aggressive and dangerous animals here.  It was not helping.  The buffalos had obviously managed to enter the humans compounds.   What do to? Walk back slowly to the bungalow and call for help?  Oh wait there was no phone in the bungalow…. continue our journey to the breakfast lodge?  We finally decided to continue walking very very slowly to the breakfast lodge, holding our breath, keeping an eye on the buffalos.   They did not move.

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